julesteller With every guitar string scar on my hand,
glenpowell tom cruise and i send our condolences for missing the big day
joshbrolin excellent
sophiabush congratulations you two!
jessicaszohr congratulations to the two most beautiful people inside and out! you guys deserve every bit of happiness
riawna thank you for choosing me to work with you two on such an important day
michaelbjordan happy as can be for you two
julesteller I take this magnetic force of a man...
arielle KISS AGAIN
laurenpaul8 i'm so proud of the love you two share
ziahcolon everyone on set knew this beautiful day was coming!
kennywormald yo guys did my invite get lost in the mail??
mybrewtube i'd like to take credit for this union, i made a match made in heaven
julesteller is this a footloose reunion in my comments?
julesteller to be my lover. #tellerido #mauied #telleratthealtar #gotleid
nina congrats to my favorite lovers!
merryteller what a beautiful day we shared together
derekhough honored to stand by your side, bro
marriannhough the best day ❤
mupthequeen thank you for having me be a part of your special day! it's something i'll never forget
danateller but where's the dance videos to kygo?
julesteller I'll never forget the moment I turned the corner and locked eyes with you. I knew that my future was in front of me. People always ask, "What was the best part of our wedding?" Locking eyes, walking down our makeshift aisle to you, standing in front of you, holding hands, exchanging our awesome vows, kissing for the first time as husband and wife, finally looking out to see the faces of our family that we love so dearly... all of those answers would be acceptable but mine is and always will be: the best part of the day was you. I love you with all my heart. It doesn't matter where we got married or in front of how many people we did, it's that I know in my heart I'll still feel this deep love for you I feel today and every day 20 years from now. Happy one year wedding anniversary, Mr. Teller!
nina i... i don't know what to do with my hands, you've made me so emotional
merryteller this was such a beautiful day and i'm so glad you two found one another
derekhough is it wrong to say BARF on your special day?
marriannhough happy anniversary to my favorite child! (still miles)
mupthequeen i'll never forget this day, you were so beautiful and still are!
danateller the day we became SISTERS
julesteller Coachella cuties some few years ago.
milesteller we make such a hot couple, baby
kristysowin pink hair makes a return
derekhough it's not throwback thursday though, sis
laurenpaul8 miss these times, juju
julesteller Whatever it takes. July 2020.
milesteller oh my god baby
derekhough talk to me goose
arielle you've LOST that loooooooving feeling
laurenpaul8 highway to the danger zone
brucehough as i'm older than all of the people commenting this i'll say i can't wait and this will mean 10x more
julesteller @milesteller jesus christ
julesteller When the son takes his dad's kisses. ❤
arielle koda's seen more action than i have all year
nina aw ember misses her brother ❤
kristysowin @bellasowin's boyfriend!!!
milesteller i demand a paternity test
julesteller @milesteller don't worry baby i saved all the tongue for you
derekhough R O O M
julesteller Sweet Harley girl is 8 today!! Where has the time gone?
mupthequeen we have the most beautiful granddogs don't we @merryteller
merryteller i think it's about time for some real grandbabies! i think @marriannhough would agree
marriannhough jules said it could be happening any time now @mupthequeen @merryteller
derekhough @mupthequeen @merryteller @marriannhough @julesteller WHAT
milesteller when grandmothers attack?
julesteller Today and every day, I am blown away by the beauty of this man. The selfless need to give me what I can't give myself in the moment is one of your greatest qualities. @milesteller, my love, you have supported and nourished me and have fed my spirit and my heart. I couldn't be more grateful for you.
derekhough you didn't warn me what a sap you'd be either, sis
riawna #telleryoulovehim
julesteller @riawna the hashtag game is STRONG in this one
merryteller how beautiful! i think i've said this exact same thing to miles at some point...
michaelbjordan still haven't found that room we suggested?
julesteller @michaelbjordan what's a room?
julesteller Reflecting back on this past YEAR with this guy. It's been full of ups and downs, good and bad (but mainly good) and the most smiles and laughter I've ever known in my life. I thought I knew what love was until you made me yours and showed me exactly what love means. I can't imagine life without you. Thank you for our year together, @milesteller, New Mexico gave us a new chance. I love you to the Star Wars moon and back.
merryteller thank you for loving our boy like you do... i'm so glad you two have one another, you're so good together
marriannhough i've never seen you happier than with this wonderful man of yours
derekhough GET A ROOM
nina if two people ever deserved such happiness, it's you two
kristysowin happy anniversary to #myboss and #mybuddy
mupthequeen you kids have the secret of it figured out! just don't forget to tell each other you i love you every day
michaelbjordan kind of agree with @derekhough
julesteller It's not #MCM but I'll always show off this hottie. My husband @milesteller looking daddy AF.
michaelbjordan how long did it take him to grow out this one?
julesteller @michaelbjordan you're not getting me in trouble
milesteller jules, you're in so much trouble. i love when you show me off but still, you're in so much trouble
milesteller @michaelbjordan shorter than it took you to grow those muscles
michaelbjordan @julesteller looks like you did that to yourself, girl
julesteller Ladies, if you're feeling pain, speak up about it! I thought my pelvic pain was normal for so long and I just assumed every woman was feeling what I was feeling. I've since learned that the pain I was experiencing is so much more than "just a bad period." I don't suffer in silence anymore and neither should you. #EndometriosisAwarenessMonth #SpeakENDO
milesteller you just don't know how proud of you i am and how much i love you
marriannhough i'm so grateful for your voice i never had
kristysowin so proud of you, jules #endometriosissucks
merryteller julianne, the whole family loves you so much and we are so proud of you
julesteller This morning I came downstairs to this... my love speaks my love language. Thank you @milesteller for making me feel so loved and supported and for making this morning so special. ❤ Now... LET'S DO THIS @agt!!! #firstday
kristysowin my love language is food
derekhough welcome to the nbc fam, little sis
merryteller congratulations, julianne! can't wait to see a taping
nina my love language is also food
julesteller It's Jules, Mrs. Fantastic if you're nasty.
nina mr & mrs fantastic ❤
kristysowin that booty though
derekhough dude, i love this movie
laurenpaul8 you're both fantastic!!
julesteller Love 🐦🐦
thebucketlistfamily great pic of you two
mupthequeen my beautiful grandchildren
jill901 i swear i don't have to do anything with yours and miles's hair... it just does it on its own
derekhough we get it, you're cute 🙄😂
julesteller Our zoo... Bugsy, Eleven, Lexi, Harley & Koda #nationalloveyourpetday
marriannhough grandanimals!
mupthequeen grandanimals!
merryteller grandanimals!
julesteller @marriannhough @mupthequeen @merryteller oh
julesteller Happy Birthday to my husband, my lover and my best friend @milesteller! I am so grateful we get to adventure through life together and that we choose to celebrate the little things just as much as the big things. ... and today is a BIG thing! 🎉🎉 We are all so lucky you were born 32 years ago! You are such a reminder to us all to live life to the absolute fullest. Love you, baby! ❤❤❤
marriannhough happy birthday to my favorite child! please don't tell the others, miles
mupthequeen there's the man of the hour
merryteller happy birthday to my son, from your mother
nina HBD buddy ❤
julesteller Pfeiffer Beach is for lovers ❤ Happy Valentine's Day! : @milesteller
kristysowin my favorite couple
laurenpaul8 yassssss queen
danateller you mean my brother can be romantic?