i love you because...

you have such a big heart.

you allow me to take care of you and you know how to always take care of me.

you're a sap.

you challenge my ways of thinking and push me to be a better person.

you make me laugh! you're the most hilarious person i know.

you put effort into me. i've never known a love like yours.

you provide safety and security. you protect me in those big, strong arms.

you give me strength when i'm weak, kindness when i don't deserve it and believe in me when i've ceased to believe in myself.

you have a huge cock that more than satisfies me and reminds me i am yours.

you do something every day to make me fall in love with you all over again.

you are the future father of my children. i can't imagine a better dad than you.

you're my best friend. you get me unlike anyone else.

you embrace exactly who you are without pause.

you have survived every hardship in your life and became my husband.

you always support me in whatever it is i want to do.

you always make me happy and you always forgive me quickly.

you have always been honest and truthful with me.

you have the hottest fucking body i've ever seen. this includes every one of your scars.

you get excited about the things you love and it makes me want to be a part of every one of them with you.

you love our furbabies like they're actually children. and let me adopt random animals i find at shelters.

you make me feel good about myself.

you're not afraid to show how kinky you are and want to be with me.

you have healed me. you have lessened my fears and insecurities.

you love my family as much as i do, as much as i love yours.

you remembered my favorite flower on our first date.

you listen to any song that reminds me of you, no matter the genre.

you are the best husband a girl could ask for, far more than i ever imagined i deserved.

you laugh at my dumb jokes and your laughter is contagious.

you are wonderful for more reasons than i can ever list.

i love you for more reasons than you'll ever fathom.